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 Below you will find samples from Nicola's poetry books - Hurt and Scars...

Samples from Hurt poetry book - Out Now!

The Intruder

Every night she’s scared to try sleep
Her once favourite place has become a place of fear
Where all her worst nightmares come true night after night
And she must endure it without shedding a tear
She lies in the dark waiting for the sound
Knowing the intruder is lurking around
Waiting until everyone else is asleep
So there’s no one to hear her scream
And tell her it’s just a dream
First come the names and all her faults
“You’re ugly, you’re stupid, you’re fat”
“You’re hopeless, everyone hates you, you should die”
There’s no one to convince her it’s a lie
Then comes the pain, followed by the blood
While the names and laughter continue to flood
Flooding her mind and she cannot fight
Deep down inside she knows they’re right
Finally the intruder gets bored with it’s prey
It leaves her alone until the next day
Calmness overtakes her but she knows it won’t last
For the intruder is herself, the intruder is her past




Die or Fly?

I sit here by the lake
I reflect on my mistakes
Should I choose to die
Or choose to fly
I could easily drown myself
Or go and ask for help
I stare at the water
And think it over
I don’t want to leave my family
Because they would miss me
So I spread my wings and fly
Today I won’t die

Samples from Scars poetry book - To Be Released

Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one who waits and longs
Covering pages in half written songs
Feeling ever so lonely inside
As though someone close has just died

When the truth is, it's me who is dead
All this stuff going around in my head
Will there ever be an end
Do I really deserve a friend

Perhaps one day I'll be on top
And maybe then the thoughts will stop
Until that day I'll plod along
Hoping someone will hear my song



My Heart is Broken

My heart is broken
Lost by the words you've spoken
Breaking me in two
You haven't got a clue
What you're doing to me
Why can't you see
How much it kills
To hear you spill
Your insults at me
I thought we were meant to be
Forever and ever
But now you're telling me never
So you've broken my heart
Tore me apart
I'll never love again
Cos it hurts to much when
They leave
Me alone to grieve
That's it for me
Just let me be

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