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About Nicola


Nicola Ward hails from Dublin, Ireland where she studied drama and dance. She has a passion for music, musical theatre, singing, writing and other creative arts. She enjoys cuddling next to her cat and reading a great book during her spare time. Hurt is her first poetry book about her life experiences with mental health (including depression, suicide, self harm, eating disorders and derealisation), heartache and moving on and more. She is currently working on her second poetry book, Scars. 

Nicola's work bio:

Nicola started her music career playing trombone in the Phoenix Youth Band, with whom she performed throughout Ireland and England. She went on to perform in several theatres around Dublin with Dance the Nations dance troupe, as backing dancer for boyband Unreal, and as a member of girlbands Saffron and The Dublin Girls. She studied drama and dance in Marino College, then moved to Spain where she was lead dancer in The Daisy Show with H10 Hotels. She has won third place in both The Eve Factor and The CES Factor. She is a regular singer at Live Music Cafe in Cavan. Nicola is also a published writer. Her book of poetry and lyrics is available on and as well as kindle.